Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Zero-G Mattress for Your Sleep Style

Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Zero-G Mattress for Your Sleep Style

A perfect mattress can make a significant difference in your posture and overall sleep experience. Let us not forget it affects your 10 hours in your bedroom, which is around half a day. This includes 8 hours of sound sleep, which can largely impact your overall spine health. Here, it is important to choose the best quality mattress for your bedroom for a sound sleep at night and a refreshing morning.  

Choosing the perfect mattress depends on various factors. One such factor that needs to be considered is your sleeping style. Well, every person is unique and different. Yes, we all have different lifestyles; the same goes for our sleeping styles. Moreover, the type of mattress you choose depends on various aspects such as material, requirements and needs, sleeping position and level of comfort. It is essential to choose the right mattress based on your body parameters, age and health concerns.  

At Zero-G, we aim to offer a sound sleeping experience for everyone to improve their overall physical well-being. If you are planning to switch over your mattress, you are on the right page with us to buy mattresses online. The Zero-G mattresses are targeted towards providing you with the best sleeping solutions by focusing on the sleeping patterns and positions that make you feel comfortable. 

In this blog, we shall unleash the best mattress that you can pick based on your sleeping style.  

Importance of the proper sleeping style: 

Research has confirmed that a good sleeping position helps spine health. Yes, the spine is the backbone and important framework of your entire musculoskeletal system. It is a necessary foundation that supports your whole body so that you can move and follow all your daily activities. Many nerves arise from the spine and extend to different parts of the body for proper, harmonious coordination and movement. Hence, spine health is essential.  

Spending one-third of your life sleeping significantly impacts the spine's health. Sleeping position directly impacts spine health. Maintaining the right sleeping position can help prevent spinal strain and release nerve or muscle tension, which can help rejuvenate your body. Let us explore the health benefits of the correct sleeping position.  

Sleeping on the back:  

  • It is considered the best sleeping position for most of us.  
  • It helps prevent back pain and improves blood circulation.  
  • It helps reduce acid reflux and maintain good gut health.  
  • It prevents facial wrinkles as the back of the head touches the pillow. This means no tugging the face into the pillow while sleeping, preventing pressure on the facial skin.  
  • It maintains good alignment with the proper support to the neck, reducing stress on the lower back.  

Mattress for back sleepers: 

If you like sleeping on your back, you need a firm to medium mattress for extra back support. A mattress with a stable surface can help protect posture issues and maintain spinal alignment. This allows you to sleep for longer hours on the back, giving gentle comfort. It is important to choose the best mattress with rebonded foam, which gives a cushioning effect and firmness to the body.  

Side sleeping:  

  • Side sleeping is great for women with hormonal disorders such as PCOS or thyroid.  
  • The best sleeping position for pregnant women is to support the belly. This is the correct sleeping position for maternal and fetal health. 
  • Placing a pillow between your knees while side sleeping can help maintain good alignment of your hips or pelvis with your spine. 
  • It helps to relieve snoring.  
  • It boosts the digestion process and prevents acidity or heartburn. 

Mattress for side sleepers: 

A soft, medium-firm mattress with a luxurious, gentle top can keep your body organs at ease. The mattress adapts easily to the body contours as you sleep. The plush, soft top gives you much comfort when changing sides as you sleep. A bouncy natural latex layer below can work wonders for a bouncy feeling, providing extra support as a side sleeper. This allows even support and distribution for responsive back support, especially for side sleepers.  

Stomach sleeping:  

  • Stomach sleeping is best for people with chronic sleep apnea or snoring issues. 
  • This sleeping position is considered supportive for your entire body; however, it can put pressure on the muscles and spinal nerves, causing discomfort when you wake up at times.  


Mattresses for stomach sleepers: 

A medium firm feels with three-zoned foaming offers a gentle cushioning effect for the organs as you sleep on the back. It also allows you to move your hands and legs comfortably regardless of your sleeping position.  

Which is the best sleeping position for good quality sleep? 

Research has confirmed that sleeping on the back is considered one of the best sleeping styles. However, if you cannot rest on the back, let us explore how you can do it in the next part of the article. 

Choosing the right mattress to adopt the best sleeping style. Posture matters when it comes to sleeping. Sleeping correctly is necessary to achieve the best benefits of good quality sleep. Choosing the best mattress can help you yield a wide range of health benefits, which include -  

  • Helps alleviate pain to promote restful sleep  
  • Helps guard posture against injury  
  • Improves overall mental and physical well-being  
  • It helps improve sleep alignment and posture  
  • Helps boost blood circulation  


Depending on your lifestyle and sleeping position, choosing a soft or firm mattress is essential. It is not about the firmness or softness of the mattress; multiple layering and the internal aspect of the mattress matter a lot. At Zero-G mattresses, no matter which sleeping position you prefer, we offer the best mattress solutions for everyone. Get connected with our sleep experts to explore more about buy mattresses online in UAE for a good night's sleep. 

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