The zero-gravity position of sleeping

The zero-gravity position is a term developed by NASA as a position for astronauts to help relieve some of earth's gravity on the body while taking off into space.

By resting on your back and lifting your legs and head above your stomach/heart, you may achieve the zero-gravity posture. This posture reduces the effects of gravity on your back, uniformly distributes weight on your body, and relaxes your body.

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Watching TV While On The Bed

sitting in bed and watching TV has become increasingly convenient, since ZERO-G recliner bed allow you to unwind after a long day at work by relaxing and watching TV. Find your most comfortable raised and elevated posture to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your neck and back. Enjoy your favorite TV show while sitting in the most comfortable and weightless position possible.



simply reading on the ZERO-G recliner bed is much more pleasurable since you do not have to bother about propping yourself up with pillows to keep yourself upright. The ZERO-G recliner beds may be altered to assist and avoid neck and back pain, as well as to provide you with the most comfortable position possible, allowing your whole body to be properly aligned and relaxed even while taking a nap to read your favorite book.


Working On Laptop

Make sure you have a stress-free zone at work (yes, even your home office). Look for a break room. No need for a fancy setting. All you need is some soft lighting and something comfortable to sit on. Put together a nice relaxing playlist and listen to it.



Sleeping in an inclined or semi-upright position may be more comfortable than lying flat on your back. With a Zero G adjustable bed, certain back, and neck positions may be less irritated. Sleeping in a reclined position with support under the knees may reduce some of the back pain or discomfort.


Blood Circulation

ZERO-G adjustable beds adapt this concept with adjustable beds topped with a high-quality latex mattress, that will help to reduce the effects of poor blood circulation by allowing you to adjust into a weightless position that promotes proper blood flow throughout your body. Adjusting the bed to a zero-gravity position can be a very effective way to improve blood circulation. In order to encourage proper blood circulation throughout your body, elevating your feet and back can help reduce swelling and body aches.


Sleep Disorder

For many people who have been struggling to get much-needed quality sleep night after night, achieving a comfortable sleep may seem like a distant dream. This adjustable bed is ideal for those who struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Zero G smart beds will be able to provide the most comfortable sleeping position by being able to electronically adjust to one’s own body’s comfort. This might assist you in getting the proper amount and quality of sleep.


Bed Sores

Bed sores are skin and tissues injuries caused by long – term pressure on the skin. For those who are bedridden, bed sores usually appear below their waist, but they can appear almost anywhere on one’s body. It usually appears on the skin that covers body parts such as the hips, shoulder blades, elbows, base of the spine, knees, ankles, heels and even between the fingers and toes. By lying on your back and raising. Your legs and head over your stomach or heart, you can achieve the zero-gravity position. In a relaxed state, this position minimizes the effect of gravity on your back and evenly distributes weight on your body. With an adjustable and remote-controlled Zero-G smart bed, you may sleep in a zero-gravity position and get the utmost confirm and support.


Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins are enlarged veins. Any vein can become varicose, but the ones in your legs and feet are ones that are most harmed. This is due to the fact, that standing, and walking intensifies the pressure in your lower body’s veins. They can cause serious health issues. By using a remote-controlled Zero G smart bed and sleeping in a zero-gravity position, you can elevate your legs which can take pressure off your leg veins and will aid in proper blood circulation.



When you arrange the bed in a position that you find appropriate according to your body's satisfaction and needs, weightlessness occurs in the body. The pain-relieving capabilities of an Zero G adjustable bed are well-known. Relaxation and a good night's sleep without pain can be achieved by eliminating tension from uncomfortable points in the body, which is highly beneficial for people with arthritis. Furthermore, the body will experience improved blood flow, as well as a decrease in swelling and circulatory issues.



Your head is elevated while you sleep in the zero-gravity position, which helps to open blocked airways. Lifting the torso provides relief on the lungs and airways, enabling more relaxed breathing. This may decrease snoring and a variety of other respiratory problems, allowing you to have a better night's sleep. Zero G adjustable beds aid in the care and diagnosis of snoring. When you can breathe more freely, you can get more oxygen into the body, this means your heart does not have to work as hard to get blood and oxygen to your vital organs.


Nursing Mothers

ZERO-G recliner Bed improves your entire body by offering tailored support for greater posture while feeding your baby. The natural curve of your spine will be assisted by raising the bed, leading to ultimate stress relief by reducing pressure throughout the body and treating muscle and joint pain. Therefore, it is not just about helping you feel comfortable while you are feeding. It is also about boosting well-being, attitude, and view on life. The zero-gravity position has an impact on health and the overall joy of feeding your child, as well as a good night’s sleep.