About Us

Zero G Beds and Mattress is part of Vanity Kart General Trading LLC.

After careful and in-depth study of the mattress industry in UAE and GCC market, we found some gaps in the supply. We also identified the most common issues related to the use of faulty mattress that effect people in the day-to-day life such as back pain, neck pain, other joint pains, and insomnia. With the use of proper mattress many of these issues could be alleviated.

Considering the above factors, our team created four categories of mattresses that are made of spring, memory foam, hybrid and latex material. These mattresses come in different level of firmness. Firmness plays a key role depending on the body weight and the type of sleeper you are.

So go ahead buy one our product and experience the change in your life!

You can reach out to our sleep expert on +971 50 740 8705